About Us

Established in 2023

We strive for an exceptional customer service

We believe that our planet Earth needs more love and we need to do our part to stand up to animal cruelty. So all our packaging and supply chain are plastic free and eco friendly.

ThisNiche® connect crochetiers from around the globe with a marketplace where they can sell their products.

All products on this website are sourced from talented individuals or carefully selected manufacturers.

Some of the individual crochetiers from around the globe will otherwise have no mean of selling their products and make a living. In developing countries, there are people starving and struggling financially, so we are trying to create a fair space for talented crochetiers to sell their products and earn a living.

The manufacturers we select go under scrutiny and research until we are satisfied about the conditions of which the crochetiers are working and until we are satisfied that crochetiers are paid fairly (based on the living cost of the resident country).

We welcome any crochetier who lives in the UK or abroad and who want to add their products on our platform to contact us and discuss a mutual beneficial agreement which benefit the customer, themselves, and us.

If you wish to contact us about partnership, please click here  

ThisNiche is committed to adhering to fair and ethical agreements with Crochetiers and customers. Therefore, we appreciate and welcome any feedback, to enable us to continue providing fair and high standard products to our customers and to maintain ethical supply chain. We are based in Bristol, UK and we ship your products from here.

In our printed clothes, we use all sustainable materials and dyes as we try to promote sustainability in every decision we take.

Our Lingerie collection are made from all sustainable and organic materials. The lingerie collection are skin friendly and clinically proven to help multiple skin conditions such as Eczema, skin rash, hot flushes, and allergies.

Our responsibility as a service provider to our customers means that we have to be committed to ensuring we operate ethically and our partners and suppliers in turn do so too.

We do associate ourselves with a wide range of brands and talented individuals, and we’d never knowingly affiliate ourselves with another brand/company that did not operate in this way.

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