Ethical clothes

Ethical clothes

Brand ethics

ThisNiche operates with fairness, transparency, and firm ethics.

Social responsibility: ThisNiche adopts policies to ensure the well-being of society. We ensure that all our products and designs are sourced ethically. We pay aid and support to crochetiers in financial difficulties, and we ensure that they have a good workshop environment, especially those who live in developing countries where labour exploitation is common.

Ethical decision making: ThisNiche takes into consideration anything that may affect the supplier, the environment, and the customer. Care, trust, respect, fairness, and responsibility are at the core of every decision.

Fair business practices: ThisNiche takes all means necessary to protect consumers' interests. Strict quality inspection.  Adequate product information so the buyer know exactly what they are buying. Fair pricing.

Environmental sustainability: We all make millions of purchases throughout our lives, and every purchase has its impact on the environment. ThisNiche tries to go the extra mile when possible to limit the impact of buying and selling its products. We use all environmentally friendly packaging that is plastic free. We try using sustainable yarns and material when possible

Be a conscious buyer

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